Weekend off

Because I’m dreadful with dates, I thought the final Seadragons game of the season was on Saturday, so we arranged for friends to look after our girls… and then I realized the game was on the Sunday, so we went to see the Dungeons & Dragons movie instead. (Fun, but too scary for our 9 year old.)

Today was the day of the match, and they could reach the playoffs. The other team in contention for the playoffs won their game yesterday with a blowout 55 point game against Orlando, and although Seattle had a better score difference than them, to get the same total points as them we’d have to score at least 34 today.

Anyway, the first half of the game nobody scored a point, not even a field goal, but then in the second half we scored and scored, getting to 28-3.

Were the playoffs in sight? Surely we couldn’t throw an interception on a 1 yard drive to get the touchdown? … oh, of course we could. The final five minutes of the game ticked down, and hope was slowly deserting us… and then then it turned out everyone had been informed the tie breakers were not what anyone thought they were and the only ways for us to not succeed were to lose, or to win but concede at least 34 points.

By then, the nausea of winning a game and missing the playoffs had extracted a toll on our minds, and although jubilant to have won, we were exhausted, and shambled home. But now for the playoffs!

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