Weekend recovery

Last night we had the PTA party for our elementary school, a four hour fundraiser where various things got auctioned off (our neighbours ended up with a tricked-out cocktail trolley and $300 of booze, we’ve got a D&D session for La Serpiente…. the full gamut of experience. It’s a bit insane that the school has to organize fundraiser events in order to afford teachers, but here we are…

Anyway, I went home after that and watched old Sopranos episodes while my wife went to the after party, and I was still the one who was hungover the next morning (on maybe two drinks … the injustice! )

We did nothing I can remember in the morning apart from the groceries, where I discovered that my accent makes "30" and "7" sound interchangeable, which us hard work when trying to order salami.

In the afternoon, we took 41 books back to the library, borrowed 40 more, and then in the evening showed the girls the animated Hobbit film from the 1970s, which is just really bloody weird, with creepy looking Hobbits, incredibly geriatric dwarfs, and elves that look like evil pond scum. And so to bed. Call that a regular weekend.

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