Wet and cold and unentertaining

I woke up to rain this morning, a relaxing sound as the water came down from the heavens, and my eldest snuggled up in our bed. I was tempted to turn off my alarm and sleep a few more hours, but I had to get up.
By the time we got out the house, the rain had stopped and I deposited La Serpiente at school, just in time for me to miss two buses to get downtown. I really have to work on my scheduling.

It rained and rained on and off all day, and this was a day where I failed to look out of the window. That’s a bad sign, a sign I’ve been spending too much time lookong at my computer. Or climbing wore me out more than I had expected.

I got home, we tried to give the kids a bath, Destroyer screamed and hit and slapped and screamed some more, then fell asleep at 8pm, leaving me shell-shocked and ready for bed myself. I guess there’s routine here, even if it’s just that she’s always asleep by 8,whether we start early and go peacefully into the night, or start late and she has a screaming fit. Poor thing

I read a substandard version of Starship Troopers and now I go to bed

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