Wet day in December

Despite their late bedtime last night, the girls still woke at six and came in to wake us up. I fell back asleep, then had to go out when I woke up to take an electrician through the house, figuring out how we’d solve all the remaining wiring conundrums. So, slowly approaching solutions…
In the afternoon we went Christmas shopping. Destroyer and I picked out books and stocking stuffers, got soaking wet, and then had cocoa at Cupcake Royale, a cupcake shop on the main shopping street in Ballard. Destroyer demanded a cupcake as well, which I didn’t think was justified, but she got one when her mother and sister showed up.

Then home, where the girls turned on the metronome on the electric piano, put it to top volume and then wandered off, until I went upstairs to find out what the constant thumping was. A slow bedtime, where La Serpiente decided to pretend to snore as loudly as she could (because reasons) and then my wife and I slumped in front of the TV to watch Intolerable Cruelty, a film I haven’t watched in 18 years. It still holds up.

And on, and on and on. When does winter stop?

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