It’s been raining for more than 36 hours now. It started about 7:30am yesterday and it’s now close to 1am on Saturday, and showing no signs of abating. There’s water across the floor of the basement and, inexperienced as we are, we don’t actually know what to do to clear it out. Blame that on years of living in apartments where flooding was never an issue. Plus there’s a bunch of flies I need to kill, so it’s going to be a fun start to Saturday.
I cycled home in the rain too, and that was brutal; 8° felt a lot colder, my hands and legs soaked through with cold, my boots turning out not to be waterproof. But I made it home, to quiver and whimper.

We watched some of the Nutcracker with the kids, then they went to sleep, under protest but passing out quickly enough to prove that they needed to be in bed. Then we skulked downstairs to watch TV and sleep ourselves. I had two more games of Blood Bowl, my wife fell asleep on the sofa, and that was our Friday night. I hope the rain stops soon…

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  1. I hope your FB friends have been helpful re the water. At church this morning we were told the toilets in church were out of bounds + the vicars vestry. Water ingress and rising water table. Raining lots in Sweden last weekend, likewise Beckenham and you. Urgh

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