What dreams may come

I was exhausted when I got home tonight. I failed to do much apart from lie on the sofa for an hour, fighting the desire to go to sleep at 8pm. Was this fatigue from all those games of Blood Bowl at the weekend? Was it a sign I needed to drink more coffee? Was it a Freudian attempt to get out of doing the laundry?
Eventually I dragged myself upright. I had to close the chickens back into their henhouse for the night. With the sound of their gentle clucking to reward me, I went back into the house and, somewhat revitalised, set about hthe exciting task of obtaining clean underpants.

Ah, the highs and lows of this existence.

Today I also went to the Tesla showroom near the office and booked a test drive. I don’t have a US license yet, so that means I get to have a test ride while somebody else controls the car.

The self driving car. There’s some irony there.

I’m impressed by the Tesla, even if I didn’t want to be. Because there’s no enormous combustion engine, there’s cargo space both in the front and the rear of the car, so even the smallest version is quite capacious. Whether it makes economic sense to buy a car, when I’ll be at the office all day and not driving it, is another matter. It may make as much sense to rent a car on some weekends, and use rideshare the rest of the time. Who knows?

Of course, if I don’t have a car, I’m not using the American dream to its fullest. I still have to get the McMansion, the enormous hat, a coterie of dogs and a golf club membership. So much to do, so much…

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