Wheels off

Today the weather started gloomy and overcast, and very,very cold. We went out to the park, returned, and then watched an Aardman animation, Farmageddon, with the girls, a lovely romp with aliens and sheep and such.
In the afternoon, La Serpiente wanted me to go out and help her practise her unicycling. This has been incredible: in the space of the last few days she’s suddenly achieved a level of competence where she can stay upright for a good ten metres. It seems clear that soon the pathways in her brain will light up and unicycling will just be a thing she can do and no longer remarkable. That is really something.

Later, we went out to the shops and I took the girls for doughnuts. Destroyer got cross about nothing much and growled at me, so I took her doughnut away and she broke down in tears. This doesn’t reflect well on anyone, but we need her to appreciate growling and stamping your foot aren’t appropriate reactions. Maybe that means more weeping in doughnut shops, after the pandemic.

And, of course, the pandemic. Reading today that the coronavirus can survive on metal and plastic for several days makes me worry that the playground over the street is less a great asset for us, and more a vector for future infection. It’s no good if the schools are shut if all the kids are passing around germs anyway. So tomorrow, we head out to the middle of nowhere to avoid other humans for a while.

And on, and on and on.

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