While you were out

My wife is in Oregon drinking kombucha or sambuca or whatever, and with snow forecast this week, I figured I had to stockpile in readiness for the storms.
The first thing I did was hire a car to transport stuff, and then go to Fred Meyer to buy a snow shovel and food. We got to the superstore and I went to get a coffee, at which point the girls demanded a treat. It was 9am and they’d just had breakfast so I didn’t think a cake pop was a good idea, but by 915 I had a child on either leg, screaming at thir top of their voices that I had to give them sweets. It got so bad a woman came over to sympathise with me. Eventually they ate a banana each and ga e up yelling, and we shopped in peace.

Then we got back to the car for our second big raver when the gjrls couldn’t agree on how to get into the car, and then I ended up ING, and that was great, so we drove home in a black mood in a black Toyota Camry, and then they played until about six, and then we had more yeing about some insanity. I think I told them to tidy up their toys and they decided I was the worst dad ever. Oh well.

Both girls were asleep by 820 (both in Destroyer’s bunk, but at least both asleep) do I had the evening to myself, but by then I was too mentally exhausted to function. Two games of Blood Bowl later, La Serpiente woke up and needed comforting, and now she’s asleep in my bed.

Oh,and Di I mention they ma aged to lock the bathroom door from the outside, so nobody could get in until I took a screwdriver to it? It’s been a day, alright.

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