The snow cleared completely overnight, so I went to the office without fear of vanishing in a blizzard, had a few briefing calls to explain how to run experiments, then got an Uber to see our lawyer, as it was time for us to finalise our will. This was never going to be a fun thing; just like visiting the dentist, it involves confronting your own mortality, but we signed all the forms, I went and bought some marshmallows, and that was about it. My wife went home to tidy the house before her book club visited this evening, and I went back to the office to take some more calls and plan out the next 12 months.
It’s now more than eight months since I moved here, and six months since we bought our house. I’ve got a driving license, credit cards, seven bank accounts and some new friends, so I suppose we’re putting down some roots. Next project is to get my wife’s name on the utility bill so I can get enough paper for her to be able to apply for her driving license, while at the same time changing the mortgage on our house to save $800 every month in interest payments, and apply for my green card. So yeah, just the usual run of the mill, humdrum stuff to do.

Oh, and once I’d got the kids to bed played two more games of Blood Bowl, losing one 2-0, as I totally expected, given I was playing with my worst team ever, and then winning the other 2-1,which was a nice end to the evening. And so to bed.

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