Windscreens and other excitement

About two weeks ago, I took the car to the car wash and then noticed a crack in the windscreen. I don’t know if the car wash did it, or I just didn’t notice before (the crack was low down, just above the bonnet of the car). So, less than joyfully having to pay a $500 excess for this to get fixed, I took the car down to Safelite, in the south of Seattle, to get it fixed.

The windscreen repair place is just a few blocks from where I do my homeless outreach, and I saw a guy I knew from there, riding his bike, carrying an orange bucket. I would have called out to him but I expected if a strange person yelled from a car that you might or might not recognise it wouldn’t really add to your day. I dropped off the car, got an Uber home and tried to manage the girls for a few hours.

Replacing a windscreen is fairly quick (about two hours, part of which is the time to recalibrate sensors on the glass) so I was backt to pick the car up before noon. Then I had a few other chores: shaving some wood off the garden gate so it would open and shut properly, and trying to get La Serpiente to do her schoolwork, which as usual culminated in her weeping because we made her write more than three sentences. It’s off putting because she loves to read, yet hates to write. Somehow we’ll get her through this…

In the evening I had two games of Blood Bowl, the first of which was a nail biter where I won 2-1 in the last turn. The second I lost 2-1, and had several players badly injured, which makes the rest of the season more challenging. That is all part of the game, of course. It just was a slightly sour way to end the week. I glued together another Blood Bowl figure (my first chainsaw wielding nutcase), remembered at the last moment that I had 15 pull ups to do today, and thence to bed. So far, La Serpiente has been up twice to come into our bed, and once when I took her back to her bed, I walked straight into a door. Not learning anything from this.

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