Winning at bedtime

Seven hours of sleep for Destroyer made her not so wonderful today, although she only got growly a couple of times. I took them on a long walk to deliver a birthday card in the morning; each child brought a ball with them, and Destroyer kicked hers while La Serpiente tried to beat her record for bouncing her ball (she did 108 consecutive bounces, then tried to persuade me to beat her record – I did 120).
In the afternoon, I got them to ride out, with the promise of ice cream and Little Coney. This meant riding down a big bumpy hill, which La Serpiente did, despite being scared, and then riding up another set of hills to get to the ice cream shop. We did just under 10 hilly miles, and then went to get pizza.

After all this, La Serpiente was bound to sleep well. Destroyer we were less convinced about, but we made them each take some infant melatonin, and by some miracle Destroyer was asleep in five minutes rather than three hours. Then again, I’d drunk several cans of strong cider, so I would have probably not been awake as long as Destroyer if she had refused the embrace of sleep.

So, some success there. And now to bed, before another weekend that threatens rain…

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  1. Riding down big bumpy hills even though I’m scared is the story of my cycling life (I’m easily scared); Never too young to start, very well done. Don’t think I could get near 108 bounces either.

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