Winter Solstice

I went to bed in the basement to try to get a good night’s sleep, uninterrupted by children or cat, and instead couldn’t sleep until 3am, riled up about nothing in particular. Maybe I was mad that I hadn’t been out in the snow. At least today went well, despite my fatigue.
This evening we had a winter solstice celebration, and the weather became incredibly cold. There’s a polar vortex, which means in Colorado it’s negative something degrees in Fahrenheit, which is very, very cold, and here it’s down to -6°, which meant when I went out to the car just now to unplug the charger, I instantly got cold and I’m shivering on the sofa now, uncomfortably cold.

However, I guess it’s now too cold to snow; we have ice on the ground, the existing snow remains in place, but no more is coming and rain and slush is promised for Christmas. Tonight I’m trying to get an early night again, and hoping this time I really do sleep. It will be nice to be rested by the end of the year, ready to take on the future again.

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