Winter wonderland in July

The girls greeted us this morning to tell us they’d made a winter wonderland in their toy room. They’d accomplished this by pulling apart the polystyrene packaging of my wife’s new food processor into thousands of tiny white beads and spreading these across the carpet. To say I was livid would be a rank understatement. Still, we bundled them into our borrowed car and drove to Kirkland for a couple of test drives, as I fumed away.
I drove a Hyundai Ioniq which my wife detested and a Ford Escape which came with every bell and whistle available. It even parallel parks itself, which means all my driving lessons were a waste of time. It isn’t quite the car we want, so we may have to wait and see if Ford reopen their factories to make cars, or carry on with ventilators and face masks, which are better for the world than me getting a specific car.

After that, we drove off and got lunch at Chipotle, then a very good coffee at Urban Coffee Lounge (just writing this down so I remember it – lovely, slightly nutty flavour, fully dressed barista) before going for a short hike around Bridle Trails, and then home again.

Then I spent an hour vacuuming up tiny white polystyrene balls while telling my kids to go tidy things around the house. We were all productive, I guess, before I went off for an hour’s gentle run that had a few too many hills, and then put the kids to bed. So that went well, I think.

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  1. O James, easy to get cross with them, but how inventive to make a snow/storm//scene. It’s hard not to smile from a distance. How wonderfully creative, BUT I didn’t have to clear up every nook and cranny!

    • It is, but we specifically want a plug-in hybrid and for (reasons) Ford are only selling those in California right now. If at all.

      It’ll reverse round corners as well to park, apparently. Such a wonderful future to live in!

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