Wisdom teeth extraction

I went in for my surgery today. They put some blankets on me and some monitors, and asked me to squeeze a small plastic ball while they got ready to put a stent in my arm.

… And then I woke up on my sofa, about two this afternoon. Apparently I’d been able to walk to the car after the surgery, and go into the house, but that’s a total blank. Anaesthesia is an interesting thing.

Now, I have sore gums, three kinds of painkiller, and instructions not to chew anything for a few days. So it’s soup and scrambled eggs for me. I’m feeling quite woozy, but apart from the distressing symptom of spitting out blood as my wounds begin to heal, so far, so good.

Now if I could just find the bag with the teeth in, so I could put them out for the tooth fairy…

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