With Great Abandon

My wife had an Uber booked for 5:15 this morning, which meant I set my alarm for 5, paranoid she’d oversleep and miss her flight. Which was quite superfluous, as she was awake and ready by the time I stumbled downstairs to check on her. I went back to bed as she flew to Chicago, arising a few short hours later to pack the girls their lunches and drag them off to school.
Left to my own devices I could have caught up with some work, but this was also a day where the builders were welding things in the kitchen, kicking up a huge racket, and as Wednesday is early finish for school, the girls were back home at one, demanding entertainment.

They stayed with our next door neighbour and raised hell, while I tried to work through the noise, and made some inroads, but it was uphill all day in every direction (the lack of sleep didn’t help).

This evening though, they went to sleep swiftly, giving me time to pack my bags for Chicago, worry about whether I’ve prepped the right things for their lunch tomorrow, and binge on fruit and hummus. And beer, it’s not like I’m on a health kick or anything.

Theoretically, we’re finished renovating in about six weeks. I now believe we’ll be lucky if we’re done by Christmas. Where will I put the enormous TV I’m buying on Black Friday?

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