Woozy day

I put the girls to bed on my own tonight, while my wife went to the grocery store, and La Serpiente didn’t like this. She was rather sad that she didn’t have somebody hugging her as she went to sleep, and as I crept from the room after getting Destroyer to sleep, I heard a plaintive voice from La Serpiente, asking for a hug before bed. Bless.
Today the subcontractor who’ll be lifting our house came round, and I learned a bit more about how you raise a house. They’ll insert two beams that run the length of the house, and then pick it up. Then a man drives an excavator under the house, digs out all the dirt, and then they put the house down again, but several feet higher than it was before.

Oh, and most of the garden will get destroyed during this process. We get to keep our apple tree and our cherry blossom though.

I read no books today, after consuming 600 pages in the last two days. Possibly from lack of sleep or something, I feel a bit sketchy at the moment – to bed, in hope of more energy tomorrow…

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