Working for jam

La Serpiente really wants to have a subscription to her favourite computer game, Animal Jam, but I wasn’t willing to pay for it. However, to get through this impasse, we told her she could empty the dishwasher, and every time she did that she’d earn 25 cents.

Finally, today she’d emptied the dishwasher 28 times, giving her enough for Animal Jam. The question remains whether she’ll carry on emptying the dishwasher, as she’s only got a month’s subscription before I cancel it.

But further than that, how do we figure out how much allowance the girls should get each week? Do we link it to doing chores, or should they just do chores because that’s what one does? I need to apply some economic thinking to this, clearly…

This evening, rather than stare at screens, we took the kids on a tour of the Christmas lights in our neighborhood. It was drizzling so we drove, and La Serpiente whistled most of the time, or put her hand out of the window because she wanted it to get numb. She’s a strange duck, our kid.

There are some streets which are incredibly illuminated, and others where nobody has bothered whatsoever. I’m fascinated at what drives these differences. Or maybe everyone went away from Seattle to escape the cold …

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  1. Pocket money – bit of a conundrum. It doesn’t actually go/stay in the pocket these days. Do you remember when you had helping task choices ? A race for you and your siblings to choose the easiest ! And. Often rewarded by doughnuts – jam in the doughnut, jam on the screen – plus ca change !

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