Working from home

Last night I fetched a monitor and persuaded a friend to move our very heavy IKEA table upstairs, and today I set myself up with my workstation in the closet at the back of our house. It was surprisingly productive for ne: the kids were at school so it was much quieter than if I’d been in the office, and I had a nicer view from the window (trees, birds) rather than grey urban concrete and occasionally people yelling.
So I got quite a bit done today, and also managed to take both girls to school and pick La Serpiente up. Tomorrow I think I get to drop one off and pick one up, and then Wednesday maybe I do all the school runs. Which would be nice.

Perhaps inspired by me working from home, La Serpiente has been asking incessantly about how she can get paid for doing chores around the house. I’m opposed to this for a few reasons: I don’t get paid for emptying the dishwasher and I don’t think she should think that’s normal. I’m worried if she cleans the windows we’ll end up with dirty, broken windows, and then what else is there?

However, I have a filthy bicycle and she could clean that. That’s not a normal thing to do around the house, and it’s something she can accomplish. I need to get some detergent and a sponge and a bucket, and then maybe I get a slightly cleaner bicycle at the end. We shall see…

This evening we put the kids to bed, and then, drained, I sat on the sofa and did very little. I have borrowed 17 books from the library. Perhaps I should be reading them. Maybe I will, if my daughters pay me.

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