Worn out at the weekend

I woke up late today, almost incapable of stopping my eyes from closing again. Once I’d dragged myself from bed, we headed down to the Ballard farmers market to return nine empty cider bottles we’d accumulated, and then buy some more.

We haven’t been to the market for months; this was the first time this year, and it must have been August or earlier that we’d been in 2020. The sun was out, and there was a long line to get into the market, but that went pretty fast. We picked up ice lollies for the girls, then headed back home; I had to go down to my weekly outreach with the homeless south of Seattle.

That done, I drove back home and had a game of Blood Bowl where my team were all killed, and though we only lost that 1-0, that was a bit of a dent. Our neighbours were visiting and the girls first played in our back garden, then jumped on the trampoline for an hour or two in our neighbours’ yard. The girls demanded I jump with them too, which really wore me out; we were all asleep by 8 this evening.

I had booked a session at Seattle Bouldering Project, so I got up and headed down there. I had an ok time, but it felt like I’ve done everything there that I can; everything seems to have polarised into impossible or too easy. It’s odd that it feels stale, when I’ve not been there for two weeks: maybe I adjusted to Half Moon without even realising I was. Or I’m just tired at the moment

I got home to a silent house. I slumped in front of the TV and watched garbage on YouTube for a time, and now I’m off to bed. I hope tomorrow brings more energy…

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