Wrong side of the bed

I was bad tempered today, probably due to spending two hours listening to on hold music while trying and failing to get through to a bank in the Isle of Man, which is refusing to communicate. I’m contemplating writing to the Financial Ombudsman but I’m not sure what they will say other than it’s fine to wait three months for your bank to respond to you. Sigh.
At least my builders were in jovial moods today. Tomorrow I take my wife to the hospital for a check up and hopefully to have her patched up a bit, but we shall see how that goes. Tired, both of us with little sleep I was snapping at the girls and not tolerant of mess or indolence, when perhaps I should let these things ride.

Also, I got confused and told La Serpiente it was her turn to be put to bed first, when in fact it was Destroyer’s, a fact i realized too late when both were asleep. But at least they were asleep.

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