Yard work

After neither of us being able to face gardening for a month, I went out today with Jerusalem playing on my headphones and yanked out as many weeds as I could from the back yard. I filled the yard waste bin (mostly dandelions, a big bit of bramble and some of the morning glory that wraps itself around everything) and then went inside again to avoid the fog and the damp.
We were all worn out; my wife fell asleep on the sofa around midday, and I didn’t even drink coffee until 3 this afternoon, so we were slow. Very, very slow. I did get the girls to walk up to Phinney Ridge without complaint. I did this by bribing them with a visit to the bookshop, where they both got dreadful books about fairy animals. But that’s still better than nothing.

We went out for dinner this evening as we couldn’t think what to cook. The Barking Dog, a pub just round the corner from us, served us booze and chips and, because I’ve not had meat in September, I had a passable burger. It could have done with bacon on top, but perhaps I’ll get that in January (it’s turkey time both in November and December, I expect).

The girls went to sleep fast. My father has written a helpful guide for La Serpiente on how to write, which we’ll test out in earnest tomorrow. Hopefully by giving her clearer and clearer guidelines, she’ll get more confidence about how to do it ..

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  1. I get galvanised into weeding and chopping every 2nd week , day before our garden rubbish gets collected. I hate to think of leaving an empty bin out for collection. (Our neighbour has so much garden rubbish that he jumps inside the bin to compress it all.! )
    Hope La Serpiente’s story telling gets easier for her. She has such an amazing imagination, but not always easy to write it down.

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