Friends visited for gin yesterday, so I felt quite maudlin today. This would be a function of drinking gin, of being a bit lonely at work (most of the teams are out this week so there’s not many people for me to talk to) and of course La Serpiente waking up at 1230 last night and sprinting a lap of our house before coming into our bedroom and demanding cuddles.
I ended up sleeping in her bed with her, which meant my wife had a decent night’s sleep but I didn’t. At least it wasn’t a 725 school day today. That’s tomorrow.

So I dragged myself through today. I have a big checklist and I went through all of that, and in some ways it was good to have the office to myself. Not for my fragile psyche, but so I could get things done, ticking them off one by one. Or rather, tinkering here and there at the edge of a major edifice of work, as concentration and brainpower permitted, until the sum of my efforts was something significant.

This evening I went to get a bus home, but because of building work in downtown Seattle, all the bus stops keep being moved, and when I eventually sprinted to catch a bus, I took the 26,rather than the 28,and that took me to the wrong side of town and I had to book an Uber anyway to get home. So much for relying on public transport.

Tomorrow, though, my parents arrive for 10 days and I’m rather looking forward to that. The kids are getting wild about it too – Destroyer has coloured in a picture as a special surprise, and that’s just the start of the planned hijinks.

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