The kids had their climbing class again today, so I rushed them over there, then came back and tried to put my life in order. We have plenty of paperwork to do, preparation for the month away, and so on. So instead of doing much of that, I wibbled around on the internet and took a few calls.

This afternoon was more exciting though, as it was time to pick up La Serpiente’s glasses. She was very happy to have them on, and found a new fascination in staring at herself in mirrors. I drove her home again, had a few more hours work and then took the girls out again, this time to get their hair cut.

The day concluded with us playing a game where you roll dice to make a pizza. That seemed simple enough, and for the first time since Saturday the day didn’t culminate with Destroyer screaming in inchoate rage at everyone else, so that was nice. After I’d put the girls to bed, I tried going climbing myself, but was really too exhausted to do anything. Ah well, one day closer to the end of the month …

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