I feel particularly tired tonight, which I put down to (at least in part) 2am and 5am wake ups this morning, the first when Destroyer had a bad dream, the second when La Serpiente wanted to have me unlock the Kindle so she could read. I need to harness her early morning energy to get the dishwasher emptied or the floors swept or something.
Also, I had to get a blood test for my cholesterol today, which meant no breakfast until 9:30, and also meant driving around in a rain storm trying to find a place in Northgate that my car’s navigation assumed was located behind the bins at a seedy looking motel, and not over the road in a down-at-heel office complex. At least the staff were cheery inside (the usual place I go, downtown, has a grumpy man with a beard so big his mask doesn’t fit). Went outside, made the mistake of buying cold brew coffee when my wife wanted a hot drink in the morning, and then got confused when the sun came out again.

I was so tired I took a ten minute nap at 3pm, which seemed to help me recover my spirits, or maybe I just bumbled along in ever more obliviousness. It’s hard to tell sometimes, it really is.

Anyway, hopefully lightning doesn’t strike twice and I get a proper sleep tonight. Maybe …

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