Zonked in California

I keep waking at 4am local time; this morning I managed to get back to sleep, but I keep wishing I’d remembered to buy some melatonin. As if that could really defeat the powers of sleep deprivation.
Although the hotel is near the airport, you cannot see the airport. I can hear planes take off, although SFO is a busy airport and I only hear take offs sporadically, when that should be a near constant roar. So perhaps I’m hearing something else? Bad dreams, being delivered just for me?

This evening, when the weight of work was too much and I couldn’t think any more, I went to see an old friend from the Hong Kong comedy scene, now with two kids, living down in Mountain View. I managed to talk to her for a while, til my brain gave up and I took an Uber back to the hotel. I failed to locate the swimming pool (the main reason I chose this hotel) and now it’s time for bed. See you soon, 4am.

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