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Today I went to LA for meetings with an agency, and afterwards we took them out to a go kart track in Torrance. This was quite odd, because we had to drive in rush hour traffic for an hour to be able to drive in circles, but cognitive dissonance is a thing we should embrace.
I do love go karting, but in Singapore it involved very loud two stroke engines, inhaling fumes and going a bit deaf. In LA the go karts are electric so they make a whining noise but probably kill you more slowly.

It was great fun. We had a qualifier heat where I came second out of 17 of us, and then a race where I started from second, tore around the track and ended up in third after a last-lap battle. My heart was pounding and I was sweaty as all get out, but this was much better than the last time I went go karting and came in at the back of the pack every single time. So that’s an improvement.

I’d got up at 6:30 today and so had the girls. It was lovely to have them hug me and wish me farewell as I took my Uber to the airport. I read a depressing book on the plane, had a grilled cheese sandwich and a very productive conversation with some people about determining marketing effectiveness, and I got to go go karting. So I think this was, on balance, a good day.

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