This was a good day

When I woke up this morning, I was half convinced that I wasn’t going to go out to the parkrun. After all, I’d had about six hours sleep, there was practically nothing to eat in the house and it wasn’t like I’ve been training properly. Still, I forced myself out of bed, went to the kitchen and had a nasty surprise.

I poured myself a pint of water and began to rehydrate, then recoiled in disgust at the horrible smell. The horrible smell which followed me as I beat my retreat. The horrible smell of last night’s beer, which had soaked into my moustache, dried and then been reactivated on contact with water. I gagged on the foul stench of stale beer, then pulled myself together, got the bike out of the bomb shelter and set off as quick as I could for East Coast Park.

Because I hadn’t been very organised, I was on the verge of being late and missing the start. Every traffic light through the central business district was against me, and it was only by a titanic and frantic effort that I made it on time. Of course, that didn’t make for a good race preparation. I started off slower than I’d hoped, got steadily worse but managed to pick it up a bit at the end. 21:32 wasn’t as fast as I wanted to close out the year, but it was better than nothing.

I cycled home and smelt so bad I disgusted myself. The stench of beer was gone but now I reeked of rotting vegetables. Time for a change of diet, perhaps?

I showered, then headed out to a spin class. I was worried that after the run and the horribly slow ride home I’d taken on too much, but I’ve missed too many classes lately. As it turned out, my spinning muscles were intact and I felt strong throughout. Maybe that waa my magic compression socks hiving me strength.

Finally, it was breakfast time. At 1pm I was at Ronin, stuffing myself with scrambled eggs, and then, figuring I deserved it, I got the bus home and fell asleep on the sofa.

I’ve had a really hard week, and this morning really was the antidote. And that’s before we even get on to the cute photos I got to see of my daughters…


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