A finger of fudge

I probably overdid it with the climbing yesterday (every joint on my fingers blistered) but I still made it to my session this evening. I climbed one thing I’d never attempted before, where I hadn’t had any thought beforehand of being able to do it, and then struggled with another problem for ten minutes before doing some finger exercises.
These are really hard; hanging off the ground by nothing more than your fingers, and then to make it more difficult, hanging by just a couple of your fingers. The former I can do, for five seconds at a time; the latter is impossible. Still, I couldn’t do pull ups before, so I guess the real challenge is not to break myself. Gradual improvements…

Standing on my head training continues. Now I’m doing downward dog, but with my feet on top of a 30′ tall block. Slowly, I’m getting closer to being vertical. Is this something to terrify the kids with when I get to Canada? I rounded it off with 1:45 of hollow body work, then went home, buying fudge on the way.

At home, I worked on a PowerPoint presentation about philosophy, moustaches and Hieroymus Bosch for an hour, and then watched trash on the TV with my wife. Start the week as you mean to go on.

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