A long day

I woke early this morning in substantial pain from cramps in mu calves. This inexplicable torment did at least get me up early, and as the haze had cleared, I got out on my bike for half an hour before it was time to get home and take the Beast to school. So that was a productive and healthy start to the day.

This evening it was a friend’s birthday so we went out for drinks: gin and tonic, then gin and tonic, then beer sipped from a bowl like a cat, then another beer, then whiskey, then another beer, then more whiskey. That was less well planned than it should have been, so instead of getting home tonight and learning Important Things from my running book as I’d planned, I staggered in plastered and just about made it to bed.

Well, tomorrow I get better. What I did learn tonight was that the official best gin in the world is currently Finnish. A Finn gin, you say? Whatever next?

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