A slight setback

Tonight I had my first climbing related injury. I went for my regular weekly training session, and instead of the usual regime of squats and lunges and pull ups, we spent the first half hour on the wall, climbing more and more challenging problems, until I was defeated. Everything up to a 12 I can now reliably get up; the higher grades are still a bit hit and miss.

Then we went on to strength training.

This is fairly simple; you hang from a progressively smaller hold, for ten seconds at a time, with a 30 second rest period, and then do it again, and again, and again. Then you wait two minutes and do it all over again, and then do that all over again one more time. In total that’s 2 minutes of dangling, taking your full bodyweight on your fingers.

Some time near the end, I must have developed a blister on the top joint of my right little finger, because afterwards as I was doing some (in contrast much easier) core work, I noticed a shooting pain and saw a flap of skin hanging off my little finger. This is a reason I should have been using chalk on my hands, to avoid my skin getting damp and soft, but it had never been a problem until now. Oh well.

It’s a bit painful (more so after my wife dropped iodine onto it) but hardly debilitating. I’ll be clumsier for a few days and then hopefully healed, and thereafter I won’t neglect chalk. I guess this is one way to learn. I hope this doesn’t disrupt my juggling training…

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