A watery evening

This evening my wife brought the kids over to the office and we tried to have dinner (La Serpiente went gonzo, Destroyer picked up a bottle of water and poured it down herself and then got angry with me for allowing this). Then we went home via the library and a pizza restaurant.

The pizza restaurant had given me a $20 voucher to celebrate my birthday, but it was only valid for deliveries, not dining in, and it expires today, so we ended up eating pizza (well, I did; Destroyer went gonzo and La Serpiente poured water all down herself, across the table and anything else you could think of to soak.) Then we went home via the backstreets of Tanjong Pagar. No other water was spilled.

I thought this extravaganza of idiocy would get the kids to sleep quicker, but no; Destroyer flopped around for half an hour and La Serpiente keeps waking up. It will be a long night.

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