An eventful day

Felicity started crawling this morning, at seven months and four days. My wife sent me a video, and as I watched my child crawl steadily across the floor to her favourite maraca, I felt uncommonly proud, in much the same way as I was overcome the first time I heard her heart beat, a year ago.

She’s suddenly gained several skills. On the weekend, she started to manage sitting up from a prone position, and by yesterday she was so competent that it no longer seemed remarkable. There’s the child, sitting herself upright, making it look easy. Up until today, she hadn’t shown much (forward) progress at crawling; she’d get up into a press-up position and then either flop back down, or push herself backwards, gradually aggravating herself with frustration.

But then today, she suddenly started walking on hands and knees forward. Confidently, not falling or pausing, or dragging herself forward. Again, this sort of competence feels a little unsettling, as though she’s been observing us, considering things with her almost human intelligence, and then surpassing us as soon as she wishes.

I suppose all babies go through these leaps, where they don’t appear to make much progress for weeks, and then suddenly get good at several things at once. Underlying this is stronger muscles, and a more developed brain, so gradual improvements appear to us as sudden changes when the underlying basis has been changing ever-so-slowly, but it’s both cool and vaguely terrifying to think that she’s now mobile. Time to start baby proofing the apartment.

We started by removing dangerous things, or at least that is how I like to imagine my wife lost a bamboo pole out of the window. She says it was a strong wind that pulled it from the wall, but I worry she was sniping at the old men 21 floors below, only attaching clothes to the pole to give them a sporting chance. That, or she’s trying to avoid doing the laundry. Any more of this nonsense and I’ll have to smash a plate every time I do the drying up, until I can’t be trusted with crockery.

This evening, we celebrated with pizza. I went out to pick it up and on the way stopped off at a birthday celebration of some of my colleagues. While I was there I managed to confuse somebody by making a sentence out of all the random Japanese, English and Spanish vocabulary I have in my head, and then beat a swift retreat. Don’t outstay your welcome.

Our child sleeps soundly: no wonder, it’s been a big day for her.

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  1. Congratulations to clever Felicity. Wish we had been there to see it. Can you tell us where we can see the video.

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