And back again…

I left the office early today: I’d hoped to fit in some climbing, but that was derailed by meetings that kept appearing and distracting me from getting away. Eventually though I got on a badly maintained hire bike and raced home, arriving just before my wife left to collect Destroyer from school. That left me enough time to ride to the climbing wall and pick up my shoes, then go back, fetch La Serpiente and go to the airport to meet my wife.

And then the rain came.

Well, the first downpour came as I went to the climbing wall, so I was soaked by the time I got there. I borrowed an umbrella but the rain was coming down so hard I still got drenched on the way home, and it only stopped raining after I’d had a shower (superfluous, surely?) and gone out to the school. Then it started raining again, and I began to despair of making it to the airport on time, what with all the taxis in Singapore being water soluble.

Somehow we made it to Changi with plenty of time to spare, and that was about when the rain stopped. While Terminal 4 was a gloomy and desolate place for me on Wednesday, it was a joy with two small girls as they had plenty of space to run and nobody to collide with. Even though our departure was delayed by almost an hour, we kept them entertained and with a minimum of screaming.


However, the trip to Kuala Lumpur will not be fun. We’ll touch down at about 8:45, which means we won’t get to customs before 9:15, and so the best case scenario is that we get the 9:30 train, but more likely we’ll be arriving at Sentral at 10:30, almost three hours after regular bedtime, and the children will be in bits. I hope they’re not screaming messes but I’m not holding out much hope right now.

Still, it’s not like I didn’t volunteer for this. And if nothing else, they should sleep well at some point this weekend.


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