Another day of haziness

The haze is back in Singapore, that good old smell of burning stuff. I glanced at an article on ways to beat the haze, and the main suggestion it had was to use a particular brand of air freshener. The brand that was sponsoring the article. I do so like overly transparent adverts for things. Almost as much as clearing particulates from the atmosphere by using Shake N Vac, or eliminating pollution by drinking Sunny Delight, or whatever is the next wheeze.

I continue to spout disgusting stuff from my nose and lungs, but instead of being sensible and staying indoors, I went out to buy a salad for lunch. The smokey odour outside failed to impart the joyful sense of being at a barbecue; perhaps if the people burning plantations in Indonesia could just be persuaded to throw a bit of hickory on the conflagration, everyone would be a lot happier.

Still, I had my salad, avoided stuffing my face with chocolate, didn’t even have milk in my coffee today. I’ve been quite resolute in cutting down on carbohydrates and processed food recently, and apart from the days when I get drunk (and then go home and scarf down an entire packet of cashews) or the days when I’m hungover (and seek solace in burgers and biscuits) I’m doing quite well at eating less but not feeling too hungry. The first week I cut down on starchy food I felt hellishly lethargic, but I think I’m over that now. It still seems to be the case that I run best the morning after a night of pizza though, which may be in defiance of nutritional advice.

Tonight I had fajitas and then danced for my daughter (she needs entertainment while she’s having dinner) before we took her out for a pre-bath walk. She actually protested when we took her out of her bath today, when usually it’s the getting her in that is a struggle. So that was nice.

Tomorrow, the sun will come up and the haze will be gone. Perhaps.

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