Back up again

Preparing for tonight, I kept worrying that I had too much material; I’d chop and change and keep coming up with ten minutes when I only had seven. It began to feel like a curse: all that stuff to pick from, without a way to be sure that what I was leaving out was worse than what I kept in. I had some new material about babies to try out, and somehow I levered open some space for it, but I don’t like trying stuff in a live environment until I believe it’s completely solid.

The strange thing is that after worrying about having too much, I almost felt I didn’t have enough. I think I hit exactly seven minutes worth of material, but that included some laugh breaks. Something to review in the cold light of day.

On reflection, some crowd work would have improved things; it usually obtains a result disproportionate to the effort you put in, although whether that means triumph or disaster is never a certainty. And I like crowd work, and the crowd likes it, but having been away this long, I felt risk averse.

Which is, of course, risky in itself.

So there’s something to think about for the next time; a fairly decent set, but I need to put in some more work before next time. As is ever the way, I felt funniest afterwards.

That may have been the sleep deprivation kicking in, of course. So now I’m off to bed, to sleep and dream and possibly soothe ny daughter until tomorrow comes. Night night.

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