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  • Drachenfels

    Drachenfels was, I think, the first novel Games Workshop published, and the first I read. It also led me to read a lot of Kim Newman’s work, such as The Quorum. Drachenfels was written under his pen-name, Jack Yeovil, to distinguish it from his non-corporate IP work. I think when Games Workshop first commissioned writers […]

  • Blockers

    Blockers is a comedy about teenagers having sex, built for their parents’ generation, like a retooled Superbad. Three girls meet on the first day of school and grow up together, firm friends. We’re introduced to their parents – a worried mom, a huge jock given to weeping, and a drunk, and then we fast forward […]

  • Goon: Last of the Enforcers

    Goon: Last of the Enforcers

    Sean whatshisface (sorry, Sean William Scott, or The Artist Formerly Known As Stifler From American Pie) doesn’t show up very often these days. Perhaps Bulletproof Monk (my favourite Chow Yun Fat film to include Nazis in the Himalayas, white guy appropriation of King fu and a man angrily shouting "Moooonk!") was neither a critical or […]

  • Kingsmen: The Golden Circle

    Kingsmen: The Golden Circle

    I fill in surveys on the Google Rewards app, to a variable degree of veracity, and in return I get credits to spend in the Google Play Store, and so in return for sacrificing my time I got to watch Kingsmen: The Golden Circle for free. Or, in other words, I sacrificed my time in […]

  • Bad Words

    With an hour and 29 minutes to go before landing this morning, I started watching Bad Words, a film that is 90 minutes long. This was an unintelligent decision, particularly as I had to pause the film for several minutes to shepherd our daughter up and down the aisle. Tonight, after reading to our baby, […]

  • Bill Bailey – Limboland

    This evening I had my first birthday present of the year, two weeks early: tickets to go see Bill Bailey perform at the NUS Cultural Centre. These were ludicrously expensive; $150 each, although we were in the second-to-front row. It was something we didn’t feel too much guilt over, because I’d been given $250 of […]

  • 22 Jump Street

    21 Jump Street was quite ridiculous enough, explicitly pointing out it was based on a 1980s programme, and gradually upping the self-referentiality, until in the climax Johnny Depp appeared. In the closing moments, Ice Cube yells at Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill that they’ll be going to college and so, two years later, here we […]

  • Back up

    For the first time in an absolute age, I was back on a stage, performing to paying customers. This was the high point of a weekend where I mostly lay around the house, devoid of energy, trying to prevent my daughter headbutting furniture, so it was a good way to end Sunday.

  • Drop out

    Instead of returning in triumph to the bosom of my pub quiz team (isn’t that an appalling image in itself?) I stayed at home tonight. I was feeling groggy and confused, and while that’s a reasonable place to be after a few hours at the pub, it’s not such a great place to start from.

  • Talk Cock on a Wednesday night

    Wednesday night is open mike night at Blu Jaz, the lazily titled bar-restaurant-performance space up by Little India, and since we’re in a new month, I sneaked up there this evening, while my daughter snoozed, to get my September hit of stage time nice and early.