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  • Back up again

    Preparing for tonight, I kept worrying that I had too much material; I’d chop and change and keep coming up with ten minutes when I only had seven. It began to feel like a curse: all that stuff to pick from, without a way to be sure that what I was leaving out was worse […]

  • Back up

    I’ve managed to perform at least once every month this year; it’s not been much, but it’s been enough to make me feel I still have a toehold in comedy. However, what with attending to our newborn and a comedy night being cancelled, I worried that July might be the month that broke me. My […]

  • Automatic Comedian 2.0

    It’s been a long time since I built the Automatic Comedian, and all he seems to talk about is toilets. Today I was reminded of the lack of innovation that I’ve brought recently to the world of auto-generated comedy, so I think it’s high time to address that and release Automatic Comedian 2.0 into the […]

  • I can see the point

    The weather was filthy today; it felt an order of magnitude worse than Monday, when I was decrying people for complaining about a bit of haze. Now, with the smoke intensifying, and finding pains in my own chest, I stopped finding it amusing. Ah, the sweet smell of hypocrisy almost overcomes the stench of smoke.

  • Fight Comic

    Every month I get up on stage, and I make somebody laugh. I don’t always make everyone laugh, but I’ve been lucky enough to get a laugh at least once in each of those evenings so far in 2013.