I can see the point

The weather was filthy today; it felt an order of magnitude worse than Monday, when I was decrying people for complaining about a bit of haze. Now, with the smoke intensifying, and finding pains in my own chest, I stopped finding it amusing. Ah, the sweet smell of hypocrisy almost overcomes the stench of smoke.

I was suffering a hangover (two pints and a couple of glasses of wine shouldn’t do that, but if you layer on the pollution it seems to amplify the impact) so I was fairly unproductive today. I had a nap, which helped, and at 4 the air suddenly cleared, which allowed me and my wife to escape our flat and head out. She went to the shops while i headed to Singapore Management University to talk about careers in travel. It was an odd audience, half old hands at business, half fresh faced youths. I made them laugh, had the host imply my degree was a bit strange, and collected a few business cards, then headed to Fight Comic. I got there two hours early, and it felt like it could be a failure; with the haze, the change of venue and date, we began the show with an audience of one. Plus the rat that had been trapped in a bucket.

Still, we got going and the audience gradually grew, so by the end there were about twenty of them. Not a big crowd, but we all got some laughs and I didn’t get eliminated until the end. The thing to draw from this is that persistence is a virtue; it’s not clear that an empty cafe in a university basement is a good place for a comedy event, but if you keep at it for long enough, people will laugh at you, and that’s what counts.

I’ve now managed to get some stage time every month this year. I don’t know if the baby will put the kibosh on that, or if i can treat Singapore to oodles of sleep deprived comedy. I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.


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