Backing up

My back didn’t miraculously improve overnight, so I trudged over to the doctor’s, in hope of a referral to a physio. Instead, I got two different kinds of muscle relaxants, and then I went home, where by the twin miracles of telecommuting and working for a company that allows that, I managed to do all the tasks Monday demands of me. It was somewhat hardgoing; I had to contend with blurred vision, though I’m not sure if it was the pills sending me cross-eyed, or the pain in my back, or the lack of quality sleep. Whatever it was, I couldn’t see straight until about 7 this evening. I have a meeting tomorrow in a foreign country and I’m hoping I don’t have to worry about not looking right.

The pills are doing their job, I think. It’s still painful, but as long as I don’t pick up my daughter lefthanded, I’m fairly comfortable. I had the unhappy news that a friend is convalescing after a case of appendicitis, which is a reminder that my reduced ability to rotate my neck is really not so terrible.

Our daughter has been pretty cheerful today. Monday night is meant to be bath night, but i didn’t feel secure holding her in some water, and I wasn’t too keen on my wife doing it either. (She’d have to balance precariously on a stool in order to be able to hold baby in bath, and the potential for either of them to fall out the window was just too much to consider.) However, as we have no stroller at present, baby has only visited the kitchen and the living room today, and she could have done with an outing. It feels like she might be a bit difficult to put down tonight.

I feel a little distressed that I didn’t consume any culture today. We watched Sunday’s motorcycle racing but listening to a couple of Englishmen mispronouncing"Brno" and only capable of sentences containing the words "battle" or "line aatern" doesn’t feel like it’s expanding my horizons. However, the latest issue of the London Review of Books has yet to reach me, so I must make do with what I can.

(The race itself was a bit dull until the last few laps, when everyone seemed intent on stuffing each other up. Few crashes, which was good, especially after the horrible one I’d watched in one of the earlier races we watched yesterday.)

And now, as my vision begins to swim again, it’s clearly time for bed. Tomorrow is a whole new day, and hopefully it will come complete with a fully functional body.

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  1. You can have a bath with your baby. Only if you have a bath though. There’s a giant spider in our bath at the moment. It was there this morning then disappeared. I swear I looked all round to check where it had got to. Anyway, this evening it was back again.

    • No spiders here (well, none that I’ve noticed). The occasional cockroach, and some rather-more-endearing geckos. And no bath.

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