Broken day

I stayed up late last night when I should have slept, and woke with my reserves of self-control and patience much depleted. The kids were inexplicably moody today, La Serpiente delighting in yelling at her top of her voice and making Destroyer cry. La Serpiente demanded broccoli casserole for dinner and then wouldn’t eat it, asked to go outside and then clamoured to go straight back in, and Destroyer wept at practically everything.

Maybe they’re just trying to ensure I don’t miss them too much when I’m away next week.

Somehow in the midst of this howling gale of whining and screeching, we got out to the National Gallery, where the kids were calm and copacetic for fifteen minutes in one of the exhibitions, and then we took them down to the children’s area for La Serpiente to run about and to prop Destroyer up against a convenient wall.

La Serpiente has some sort of viral rash since Thursday, that covers her body and looks appalling but apparently doesn’t distress her, which is some mercy. It has precluded us from taking her swimming or to today’s music class (or school on Friday) and that may well be why she’s acting out a bit. Usually she just wouldn’t be half as bored as she obviously is right now.

Still, we must have worn her out enough, as she went right to sleep this evening, after I’d read her seven bedtime stories and sat in the darkness while she thrashed around for a while. This parenting thing sure is getting easier.

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