Catching up with a lack of sleep

We all overslept today, and I had interviews to conduct early this morning, so after rushing the kids to school while still trying to eat a slice of toast (butter dripping down my arm) I rushed to catch a bus to get me close to work, which dropped me off three streets away just as a torrent of rain descended.

Thus I was not in a good mood when I got to the office. At least I had a spare shirt to change into when I got there, but the trouble with slightly too tight shirts and removing them from a damp body is that it’s really… troublesome. At least the interview hadn’t started when I still had a shirt stuck over my head. 

In the end, the interviews went much better than I’d been expecting; I managed to get coffee and focus on the people I was talking to tater than the lifestyle problems I’m enjoying.

After this, the rest of the day could never live up to such an exciting start. I went to see my physio, had some more pain inflicted on my leg, went back to the office, worked through all the stuff you leave until Friday because it’s the low energy stuff that needs doing, but doesn’t require your full operating potential, and then went home to argue with the girls about how much TV they could watch.

Both girls were exhausted so bedtime was very easy today. That left me time to play a couple of Blood Bowl matches and also glue together a few players for my next tean; when that’s complete I’ll have four teams to play with, which probably means I’ll have enough and can stop. My two ganes: the first I won 2-1 with a combination of OK positioning and some luck. The second I was thrashed 2-0 by a much stronger team, and I didn’t enjoy that so much. Still, it taught me to expect the dice to always hate me, and more importantly that I’m not good at protecting against a blitz. Onwards, ever onwards. 

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