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  • Not Quite Drinking In LA

    Tomorrow I’m visiting a friend for dinner, and since I failed to take anything with me the last time I went to see him, this time I’ve overcompensated by fetching two bottles of wine and a triplet of different gins from BevMo, some sort of beverage supermarket. This was as not much fun as it […]

  • What I learned today about toasters

    We woke today to a house devoid of food, and had to quickly head out to the bakery to find croissants to placate both the girls. There’s something wrong there but I can’t say what it could be. After that, the family split: my wife took La Serpiente to a birthday party while I went […]

  • Kallang Practice Track and other discoveries

    This evening, after getting the battery in my Garmin heart rate strap replaced (my handy optician is back from his holidays, and was sufficently un-cack-handed to be capable of unscrewing the back of the monitor and replacing the battery) I went off to the track at Kallang. This has been operational for a while now, […]

  • Another Saturday

    This morning we had a birthday party for a three year old to attend. That involved lots of prosecco (for us, not the kids) and after a couple of hours and a few games of pass the parcel, we returned home, where I promptly passed out on the bed. I don’t blame the alcohol – […]

  • Disappointed at the Funan Digital Mall

    ​They’re decommissioning the Funan Digital Life Mall in Singapore. This is a five storey mall full of camera and computer shops, with some random fast food joints in the ground floor and a few places to buy manga-inspired dolls, a paintball supplier and a Games Workshop reseller called the Battle Bunker (it’s on the fourth […]

  • Eight months in

    My calves were still sore this morning; something of a record, as usually I only suffer for two days after any fierce bout of running. I did 4 km easily and got home just as Felicity was waking up to the eighth month anniversary of being born. I’d like to say we did something special […]

  • The joy of socks

    Today I bought a pair of socks on Groupon, for forty dollars. Yeah, I love the bargains, that’s right.

  • Up in the air

    This morning I woke feeling dreadful, probably a combination of the bottle of beer I drank last night and the poor air quality. I got moving as fast as I could and rushed to the studio, to shoot another episode of my cooking show and wear a terrible shirt that I bought 17 years ago. […]