Cold in the tropics

Last night La Serpiente came in about 1am, and I was relegated to the other room, where I slept next to Destroyer. It was incredibly cold in there, and I didn’t realise until the morning that this was because the air conditioning was set to 4° cooler than our room. In the aftermath, Destroyer’s feet were icy cold (a neat trick in Singapore, of all places) and I was full of guilt.

My penance, when we got to school this morning, was to find La Serpiente had an ulcer in her mouth, and as they’re reasonably paranoid about hand foot and mouth disease, I had to take her home again. While sweating uncontrollably.

I got to work eventually, had a client meeting in the morning and lots of code I’m the afternoon, then came home to the kids bellowing and running riot. Halfway through bedtime stories I had a sneezing fit, after which I went out to the climbing wall but didn’t achieve much, perhaps because I was zonked from Monday. A little unsatisfied that I hadn’t climbed anything new, I went home and vegged out in front of the TV. Hopefully the kids stay asleep tonight.

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