Everyone wants to win the World Carp!

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Scoring and prizes

Scoring & Prizes

50 points for a win / 30 points for a draw / 10 points for a loss by no more than 1 touchdown / 0 points for a loss by more than 1 touchdown.

The following glittering prizes will be awarded, in the following order. Each coach is eligible to receive a maximum of one prize (so for example, if the coach with the highest points also scored the highest number of touchdowns in the tournament, then they will receive the World Carp, and the coach with the second highest number of touchdowns will receive the Holy Piranha):

  • The World Carp – highest points
  • The Holy Piranha of The Citadel of Dusk – highest number of touchdowns scored, best TD diff wins in the event of a tie
  • Luther Harkon’s Bloody Chalice – most casualties inflicted, best casualty diff wins in the event of a tie
  • The Glass Cannon Glass Cannon – for the team that suffered the most injuries while injuring more players than anyone else did
  • The New World Fresh Start Award – best performance by a coach with no previous NAF record. In the absence of any rookie coaches, will be awarded for the coach with the best improvement in their last two games over their position after the first game.
  • The Six Pack Of Skeggi Strong Ale – awarded to the team with the highest total touchdowns and casualties (both for and against)