Everyone wants to win the World Carp!

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Tournament Specific Rules

Pitch conditions

Blood Bowl played on top of ancient stone temples can be harder on players’ bodies. Apply an additional +1 to any armour roll when a player is Knocked Down.


It’s swelteringly hot in the jungles of Lustria, and so get used to the wonderful weather. The Sweltering Jungle weather table from Spike! 15 is used:

2Tropical Storm: No pass or Throw Team Mate Actions may be performed while this weather is in effect. Ignore Step 2 of the Start of Drive sequence
3Sudden Downpour: Apply a -1 modifier to attempts to catch or pick up the ball, or to interfere with a pass. Only Quick and Short passes can be attempted.
4-10Cool Breeze: It’s perfect weather fo Blood Bowl!
11Sunny Spell: The sun is shining and it’s playing havoc on the passing game! Apply a -1 modifier every time a player tests against their Passing Ability.
12Hellish Humidity: The heat and humidity is really starting to get to some of the players: at the end of every team turn, roll a D6. On a roll of 1, a single randomly selected player on the active team succumbs to the oppressive heat and is Placed Prone.

Dangerous surfing

The matches in the Summer of Lustria are played on top of an enormous stone temple, and that makes being pushed off the side of the pitch much more hazardoug than you would normally expect.

On a successful push into the crowd, roll D6+6 for injury. Apothecaries cannot be used on injuries due to crowd surfing, because the player is spread across too much of the jungle. KO’s may be rolled as normal at the end of the half, as a KO’d player has had time to travel back to the top of the temple to play.