Everyone wants to win the World Carp!

Team Build Tournament Specific Rules Scoring & Prizes Location & Schedule

Team Build

Lustrian teams are preferrred for play in the Summer of Lustria – other teams may be able to compete, but often struggle to be competitive, beset as they are by the long and arduous journey from the rest of the world.

All teams must roster at least 11 players before rostering any Star Players. Only Star Players available to your team, that have the Lustrian Superleague or Underworld Challenge keywords can be chosen. (The rest are refusing to travel south for such a nonsensical event as a tournament on top of a temple…)

Tier 1

Amazons, Elven Union, Lizardmen, Norse, Slann, Skaven, Vampires

(Those are the teams where there’s a historical record of settlements in Lustria. Yes, we know the Citadel of Dusk is reputedly full of High Elves, but it’s hot down there and so they’ve stripped off a lot of their armour in order to keep cool.)

1150 base team build before skills.

Choose from:

  • 6 normal skills
  • 4 normal skills + 1 secondary skill
  • 3 normal skills + 1 star player

Tier 2

Everything else, except Stunty and Tier 1

1000 base team build before skills.

  • 4 normal skills


Goblins, Halflings, Snotlings, Ogres. None of that nonsense about Black Orc teams without any Black Orcs, because that would just be ‘…’ teams. Behave!

1000 base team build before skills.

Choose from:

  • 6 normal skills and 1 secondary
  • 4 normal skills and 2 secondaries

Skill combinations

No random skills. No two players can have the same additional skills (so you can’t take 6 Guard players, but you could do Guard + Stand Firm, Guard + Mighty Blow, Guard + Thick Skull). No player can have more than 2 additional skills.


No Wizards, no Mercs, no Special Play cards.

All other inducements (up and included in the 2022 Almanac or any Spike published prior to July 1, 2023) are available as part of your team budget.