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The Cheese Plate

Clan Pestilens

The team everyone loves to hate. Recently updated on Fumbbl to remove Foul Appearance from the linemen, but we felt they couldn’t play in the Cheese Plate without keeping that stench. Foul Appearance all the way, baby!

Note that those Ball & Chains don’t ever get sent off by the ref (probably due to the clouds of foul fog around them)

0-16Plague Monk60,000633+5+8+Disturbing Presence, Foul AppearanceGASM
0-2Plague Carrier70,000733+5+8+Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Sure HandsGASM
0-2Plague Priest110,000733+5+9+Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Frenzy, Stand FirmGSAM
0-2Plague Censer Bearer120,000373+8+Ball & Chain, No Hands, Disturbing PresenceSMGA

Rerolls: 60,000

Special Rules: Underworld Challenge

Fumbbl roster here