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The Cheese Plate

Clan Skryre

Those lovable rats. “How about if a Death Roller came with Frenzy?” “Why not give rats hand grenades, but make them terrible at throwing them?” “Don’t you think you might as well have a chainsaw as well while you’re at it?” Does anything sum up the beauty of Blood Bowl more than this? Possibly their only downside is nobody can remember to spell their name with the Rs in the right places…

0-16Clan Rat50,000733+5+8+GASM
0-2Mecha Vermin80,000545+6+10+Iron Hard SkinGSAM
0-2Jezzail80,000733+3+8+Sure Hands, Cannoneer, Hail Mary PassGPASM
0-2Poison Wind Globadiers50,000633+4+9+Bombardier, Secret WeaponGAPSM
0-1Warp Grinder50,000733+8+Chainsaw, Secret WeaponGASM
0-1Doom Flayer160,000575+10+Loner (5+), Break Tackle, Frenzy, Juggernaut, No Hands, Mighty Blow (+1), Secret Weapon, Dirty Player (+2)SGAM

Rerolls: 60,000

Special Rules: Bribery and Corruption, Underworld Challenge

Original Fummbl roster here