Damp day off

Today was a holiday in Singapore, but since both La Serpiente Aquatica Negra and I have clogged up noses, we didn’t do anything especially exciting. In the morning we had some mediocre coffee and then walked around in the drizzle.

A friend was in town and invited me over for lunch and to record some ramblings. I’ll do anything for lunch, so I abandoned wife and child and went to see him. Lunch was a mirage though: all I got was a hot chocolate, and later on a dizzying taxi ride home to Chinatown. I’d been up too late last night reading, and by mid afternoon the fatigue caught up with me. I was nauseous, befuddled, in need of bedrest. So I took La Serpiente Aquatica Negra to the play area so my wife could have a break.

Because it had been raining, the play area was wet, which in turn meant my daughter was desperate to climb up as many things as she could, with the avowed intention of smashing her head open on the ground. So while my wife watched from a high window, I scurried around in circles trying to keep La Serpiente protected from herself.

The space for small children to run around isn’t very large on top of the Chinatown Complex building, but it’s free of vehicular traffic, and there’s a small garden there too where my child could charge around and try to use watering cans as makeshift trumpets.

Of course, it’s one thing to run around outside with your child. For true bonding, it’s important to spend hours wandering around a soulless mall, looking for a USB male-to-A-type cable, your child staring in incomprehension as you try to explain to a shop assistant what you want. (This takes about three shops before any assistant deigns to accept that you want a USB cable and not a power lead or a video cable. Ah, joys.)

I intended to go to the track tonight, but, still coughing up gunk at close to seven p.m., I realised discretion was the better part of valour, and stayed home to watch cop dramas instead. Rested, tomorrow I return to the fray.

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