Demented children

When Destroyer doesn’t get what she wants, or thinks she isn’t getting what she wants (eg "Destroyer, you can play for ten more minutes before we have to go to school" "No! I want five more minutes!") she often utters an angry, high-pitched grunt, and we really would like her not to do this.
Today, when we told her it was time to crawl out of a cardboard box and and go to school, she grunted and grunted, until we got so tired of this intransigence that we told her she could stay home while I walked La Serpiente to school (but also lose her cardboard box privileges) until my wife would walk her to school. Destroyer got very upset at this and squawked and grunted until we sent her to her bedroom, and then I waited a few minutes and then placated her.

At which point we should have gone to school, but then Destroyer walked out of the room and managed to hit her head on the door frame. Her head is not as wide as her shoulders so I’m still amazed at how she managed to not hit her shoulders first. Ah well, more howling ensued.

Still, I walked both children to school and went to work, and then came home this evening to put them to bed. Tonight, even after three stories they tossed and turned and even got up and left the bedroom several times, until I lost my patience and left the room. And then both children started screaming and wailing, so I raised my hands in the air and went off climbing while my wife took over. Is it something in the air?

Of course, raising your hands in the air is good practice for climbing. Since I’ve done all these pull ups, and climbed in America, I now have more upper body strength, which means I can do silly things like miss my foot holds and just dangle by my arms until I figure out how to pull myself up. Which is nice.

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  1. I was thinking about Destroyers mathematical abilities – I want 5 more, not 10. But a friend pointed out that five is bigger than one and zero. So Destroyer’s comedic mathematical skills are spot on !

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